Album of the Week - Arigato - Arigato EP
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Album of the Week - Arigato - Arigato EP

Artists have always taken umbrage to being pigeonholed into genres. No-one wants their art reduced into categories like tins of beans on a supermarket shelf. They want people to stumble across their songs and to surprise and challenge - for their creations to derail expectations. Historically consumers were less broad minded and genre names supported this.

That dichotomy is all but dead now. We have a generation of musicians who have had the entire history of recorded music from which to take inspiration, for free, and an army of consumers who exist outside of scenes and tribes - whose musical discoveries are recommended by complex algorithms. We’ve barely bothered to categorise new sounds, it seems more futile than ever.

And so here we are with Manchester’s 20 year old Jaime Sharp and his six track EP under his Arigato pseudonym, with its recognisable parts making up a blurry whole. Songs like District Line and lead single Raincoat with their electronically produced acoustic sounds (steel drum hits, Chinese strings, and ideophones) bring to mind Four Tet but the vocal and lyrics pulls into singer-songwriter storytelling territory. However we’re closer to the bedroom r n’b textures of The Weeknd’s early mixtapes than we are men on stools with acoustic guitars.

Between these elements and melancholy of the synth lines, Arigato paints an atmospheric picture - whether it’s the reflective Safe, or the dusk drive through 80s LA that Myspace conjures. The EP makes no secret of this cinematic approach - first song Liyo is not so much an introduction as a trailer, giving a sneak preview of later songs with lyrical references. Arigato is another example of the kind of British low-key, super-modern pop music starting to burst through.

Photo credit: Sam Stevens