Beat Rehab


Adam Schlesinger 1967 - 2020

To call Adam Schlesinger a pop genius is an understatement, and that he didn’t become one of the biggest stars in the world is a travesty of justice that I hope can be made right now after his unexpected (and sudden) demise to the beast called Covid-19.

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Steve Nicholson 1967 - 2020

It is with heavy hearts, tearful eyes, warm memories and fists raised, we announce that on Tuesday night Beat Rehab lost a member of its extended family, the fucking lovely and incomparable Steve Nicholson.

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Andrew Weatherall RIP

There are few celebrity deaths that actually really effect me. John Peel got me. I was sad I never got to see Jacko. Bowie hurt too. With the exception of those ones, they don’t really sting. It’s just “a shame”. They rarely properly hurt.

This one does.

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Best Tracks of 2019

Yeah we couldn’t be bothered putting them into arbitrary order to create excitement. This year, they’re all winners and they can all be found on this quite wonderful playlist.

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Best Hip Hop Tracks 2019

Hip hop continued its innovation in 2019. While there’s still a lot of love for those loose flows over 808 trap beats, artists seem to be more interested in broadening their sounds. Which was great for us heads of a certain vintage who like our hip hop percussive and punchy. Anyway, we’ve compiled our favourite cuts here for your swaggering pleasure.

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Neil Peart has died.

Neil Peart has died. Drummer for prog giants Rush. A drummer with such dexterity they called him The Professor. I called my currently gutted Rush fanatic band colleague James Ellams to compile me his top ten Rush with Peart in mind and this is what I got back.

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