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Bucket list update

Every month, we update our playlist with a new set of songs for the month, before starting again the following month. We also regretfully ask Andy to tell us about it.

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SOPHIE and The Robot - A Playlist

As an extra bonus bonanza giveaway spectacular tie-in with this month’s DAACast, why not sit back and lazily click yourself through a little playlist that delves deep into the stories of Hatsune Miku and SOPHIE. In this month’s episode we pulled back the curtain on the strange and bizarre world of Vocaloid, PC Music, and the world of SOPHIE’s hyper-real dance pop. Here are some audio visual aids to help you through the episode. So click through, get those little dopamine hits that come from all internet engagements, and try not to be too weirded out by one of the darker corners of modern music.

If you haven’t heard the show yet, why not pop over to the page and subscribe. Go on. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

Now… where’s my pointy stick?

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Bitter Sweet Screwjob

The Verve; the bastions of post Britpop, NME darlings, triple BRIT award winners. Fronted of course by Wiganese Richard Ashcroft and a trainee quantity surveyor, a milkman, and a farmhand, they were best known for pounding out chart-topping hits such as the ever-cheerful “The Drugs Don’t Work”, the fashion-forward “Handbags and Gladrags”, and the teenybopper-nocturnal-emission-given-form “Mmm Bop”. However, their biggest claim to fame came with the zeitgeist-defining, meandering, undanceable smash that was “Bitter Sweet Symphony”.

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Therapy Session Vol 6, Eclectic Summer Party

The sun is out and Beat Rehab are preparing for a summer of dancing in fields with a paper cup of flat lager sloshing over the brim. This Therapy Session is an eclectic party set designed to put you in the mood - the obvious sits next to the obscure, old sits next to new.

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Madonna Albums - Ranked

So, we’re on the countdown to a new album by the undisputed Queen of Pop, Ms Ciccone. Over the course of her 37(!) year career, she’s never stopped putting everything into her music, so let’s look at her albums and separate the madgesty from the tragesty.

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Bucket Playlist Update

We have a playlist. It updates every month. It’s done mainly by Andy so we ask him every month to write an article about the playlist. For once he’s done what he’s fucking told.

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10 Underrated New Wave Acts of the 1980s

New wave, as a genre, is hard to define. It means different things to different people. It's used to refer to the artists coming out of England’s pub rock scene, like Elvis Costello and Ian Dury, as well as New Romantics like Duran Duran and Culture Club, and the more eclectic synth bands coming out of the US like Devo. I like to think it can be all of these things.

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DAACAST Issue #33, A Fruitcage Is A Vagina

Big changes at the Haus of DAA. You might have already noticed that we’ve had a little rebrand and… yep, we’ve gone ‘in cahoots’. The glorious (and well too cool for us) Beat.Rehab is our new home and host. So come in, shoes off (yeah, we know) and take a stroll around the new gaff.

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Introducing... the Dancing About Architecture podcast

We are honoured, delighted and aroused to announce that Beat Rehab is now home to the fascinating and hilarious music podcast Dancing About Architecture. Liam, Craig and Matt started podcasting three years ago simply as an excuse to spend more in each other’s company and are now in their third season uncovering the untold stories of music, discussing, debating and occasionally shouting angrily about all the issues that matter, and more often about the ones that don’t matter at all.

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