The best of 2018
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The best of 2018

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Holy shit!

Music was an exciting place in 2018 principally because, for better and worse, 2018 was an exciting place. That artists draw upon the world around them for inspiration is no great insight, but if the destination of the world’s current changes is furiously debated, music’s lurch forward was unmistakable and overdue.

We would love to chat about the new female lyrical perspectives, the acceptance of transgender artists, album lengths finally reacting to modern listening habits and getting shorter, the rise of women in techno, the increase in collaborations between artists, and the differing reactions to the rise of right wing emotional politics but it’s far easier for us to just say “listen to this stuff - it’s brilliant”.

If you can’t be bothered to browse, you could just listen to our mix of the year’s best songs (minus the one on soundcloud). For best results, set your spotify crossfade to 5 seconds for a continuous if schizophrenic experience.

Happy New Year - Nick, Andy and Si