Best Tracks of 2019
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Best Tracks of 2019

Yeah we couldn’t be bothered putting them into arbitrary order to create excitement. This year, they’re all winners and they can all be found on this quite wonderful playlist.

Charlie XCX, as the talent behind our favourite album of the year, gets two songs on here. Elsewhere popwise we’re raising glasses to More Giraffes, Taylor Swift, Yumi Zouma, Carly Rae Jepson, the filthy Brooke Candy and the ubiquitous Lizzo. We’ve already given you a playlist of the year’s hip hop but from that, Little Simz, clipping, and Shadow & De La make this list. Guitars feature less heavily than previous years but there’s still plenty here including the 30 something anxiety of Menzingers, the pop loveliness of Martha, and the goth noise of Crows. The other genre that punched above its weight this year was techno with cuts from, amongst others, the ever reliable Jay Robinson, the prolific Special Request.

So enjoy this somewhat all-over-the-place set of songs. If you walk away with just one song you love then we’ve done our job, and you’ve wasted two hours.

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