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Craig Lowe

Craig isn’t in any bands, and has nothing other than this podcast to promote. Without a single ounce of musical talent in his body, Craig more than makes up for it with an encyclopaedic knowledge of bands that are best left forgotten to time and 1980s new wave lyrics. He spends his weekends trying to convince his wife that he really does need the stack of records he just found in his local charity shop and that of course he has space for them.

Liam Maloney

Penniless academic and tutor of the unfortunate. His research is distinctly whiffley, focusing on the intersection of society and portable music listening. Liam likes to split his time between production, djing, and numerous mild existential crises. Liam dreams about being able to afford three square meals a day and sustain his unhealthy vinyl habit.

Matt Leonard

Born on a Wednesday and making everyone pay for that ever since, Matthew’s Salford upbringing has left him with a lot to say in a voice that shouldn’t be heard. Playing bass, guitar and singing for far too long in many bands has kept him busy and the crime rate low. Semi-famous in France and mostly disliked over here, Matthew supplements his time in music with a job at one of Britain’s premier mental hospitals.

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