DAACAST Issue #33, A Fruitcage Is A Vagina
Beat Rehab

DAACAST Issue #33, A Fruitcage Is A Vagina

Big changes at the Haus of DAA. You might have already noticed that we’ve had a little rebrand and… yep, we’ve gone ‘in cahoots’. The glorious (and well too cool for us) Beat.Rehab is our new home and host. So come in, shoes off (yeah, we know) and take a stroll around the new gaff. Nice innit?

We should stress that other than it looking a bit swankier, and us now being part of an even larger group of people who’re as dweeby about music as us, nothing has/will changed/change to your well-loved pod.

With that out of the way, what does this month’s monster pod hold?

You can get a fix of offensive music as Matt looks at what’s got us all of a froth over the years, the boys take a loving look at music’s least sexy lyrics, Liam and Craig battle over the well worn “does humour belong in music” heading (Weird Al didn’t stand a chance) and we even have a quiz to round it off. Oh, and there’s some really important news about ambient cheese.

Phew! Lots right?

One thing that remains to be seen though: can Craig really tell the difference between cheap and expensive sponge just by touch?

We’ll have to see.

Look after yourselves.

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