Introducing... the Dancing About Architecture podcast
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Introducing... the Dancing About Architecture podcast

We are honoured, delighted and aroused to announce that Beat Rehab is now home to the fascinating and hilarious music podcast Dancing About Architecture. Liam, Craig and Matt started podcasting four years ago simply as an excuse to spend more time in each other’s company and are now in their fourth season uncovering the untold stories of music, discussing, debating and occasionally shouting angrily about all the issues that matter, and more often about the ones that don’t matter at all.

So what makes DAA so ACE? It’s the pleasure of listening to three guys who not only know their shit and imbue their chats and articles with joy and wit. They live in a self-aware bubble where music is simultaneously a noble and serious pursuit and utterly throwaway. There’s something weirdly engaging in their passion for the pointless, their reminiscence of the redundant and belief in the importance of the unimportant. But there’s nothing insincere about them. They are grown adults who have no excuse for just how excited they still are about music, and they want to include everyone, with listeners regularly being quoted and starting debates.

The series up to now has had so many great moments. If you want to know what the fuss is and delve into their back catalogue, it’s pretty fertile ground. Liam’s breathlessly angry, detailed takedown of Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die (Issue 3), Matt’s heartfelt exploration of the enchanting and bizarre world of Outsider Music (Issue 21), the group’s collective confusion and horror at Kanye West’s ‘Poopy di Scoop’ verse (Issue 26),or the (since retold elsewhere) gran-dissing world of the adolescent Blackpool grime scene (Issue 28).

We’re tickled pink and bouncing like toddlers at the prospect of sharing Dancing About Architecture with you, so without further ado, go to and enjoy… and be sure to come back on 1st May for the latest issue!

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