Stonewall 50
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Stonewall 50

Hello Dear Listener!

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots! To all of you who aren’t straight down the line, we salute you. And to those of you who are… you’re welcome.

Stonewall was a momentous moment in LGBTQ+ history. It was the moment where you could argue Pride started. And more importantly, it was the moment where the whole thing started to get organised and we fought for our rights (to party!). If you want to know a bit more about Stonewall you could do worse than watch the amazing PBS documentary ‘Stonewall Uprising’ or, if you’re reading this today, literally just google ‘Stonewall’ and get it from your fake news outlet of choice.


To celebrate and memorialise the riots, we’ve put together a playlist. It’s not our usual playlist full of our faves. Instead, it’s a playlist of exactly what was in the jukebox in the Stonewall Inn on the 28th of June, 1969, when that first brick was thrown.

Enjoy! And if you haven’t yet, educate yourself.

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