Andrew Weatherall RIP
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Andrew Weatherall RIP

There are few celebrity deaths that actually really effect me. John Peel got me. I was sad I never got to see Jacko. Bowie hurt too. With the exception of those ones, they don’t really sting. It’s just “a shame”. They rarely properly hurt.

This one does.

Andy Weatherall has passed away at the tender age of 56. Straight to the pantheon of greats for you, sir!

It’s weird to try to sum up a legacy as interwoven, as sprawling, as confusing as Weatherall’s. Yes, he changed the very concept of remixing (you don’t get all those 90s Warp-roster style remixes without Screamadelica). He carved a new path for UK electro with his partner in crime Keith Tenniswood as Two Lone Swordsmen. He pushed the slomo-house scene in the south with A Love from Outerspace, shining a light on amazing Scottish artists responsible for the sound. He changed direction about 14 times, but constantly pushed techno, dub, and dub-remix sensibilities on a sometimes unappreciative public. And perhaps most gorgeously; he never bored us.

The word hero gets bandied about far too much for my liking. But Weatherall is properly a hero of mine. Iconoclast. Grumpy. Unique. How do you sum up someone who’s gently influenced modern music in ways that are almost inexpressible and small and nuanced and fun? I used to do front-of-house sound at the academy in Liverpool. He was the only DJ to ever come over to say thank you.

Thank YOU.


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