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Pop Collaborate and Listen x Beat Rehab


We love a music podcast! In addition to the superb Dancing About Architecture podcast which we host on Beat Rehab, we also heartily suggest you listen to Pop, Collaborate and Listen or PCL as we shall henceforth call it here to save precious seconds. PCL is two straight white guys talking about musi… no come back! This is one of the really good ones! PCL is two friends - DJ/publican Krister and comedian Dave Fensome. They are listening to every UK number one album of the 90s and dedicating an episode to each. Whether they are talking about albums they love, hate or are ambivalent about, they never fail to be funny and, importantly, insightful. These boys know their stuff which is the secret ingredient and lets it rise above the others.

I was honoured to be a guest on a recent episode where we taked about Jesus Jones’s second album Doubt.

In it, we go through the tracks, contextualise it with reference to what else was going on and find time to chat about other releases from the week in question.

Don’t take our word for it - the band themselves gave it a thumbs up, which is just as well, since PCL isn’t always that complimentary about the artists discussed…

Listen here!

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