Beat Rehab recent listening playlist
Beat Rehab

Beat Rehab recent listening playlist


Are you a young person struggling with purpose and direction? Does the life that the popular media outlets project onto your lily-white consciousness repulse and confuse you? If so….. FIRE UP YOUR LOSSLESS FLAC PLAYER, LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLIST AND RIOT!!!

Are you a middle-aged person? Have you scored a succession of soul cracking middle-management jobs before settling in a beige village in a good school catchment area? Have the final vestiges of your personality been eclipsed by children or shaved off by uncomfortable social engagements with friends you no longer recognise? If so…. FIRE UP THE BLUE TOOTH CONNECTION IN YOUR FORD C-MAX, LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLIST AND RIOT!!!

Are you an old person that does loud farts on buses and can’t work the fucking internet at all? If so……probably not for you to be honest.Tell you what - get the aforementioned young person to start the playlist on their phone and post it through your creaky letterbox…….. AND RIOT!!

We’ve done a February playlist. It’s a golden refuge filled with notes, beeps and strummy bits that will rejuvenate your flesh and leave you looking like you did before life sank its yellow tusks in and sucked out all your beautiful juice.

Every month we’ll be filling Spotify with brand new songs from all genres for your listening delight. They will be updated as the month progresses so be sure to check back regularly but on the last day of the month the shutters will come down and we will NEVER talk of these songs again. Our eyes are on the horizon, sisters and brothers.

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