Beat Rehab's recent listening playlist, March 2019
Beat Rehab

Beat Rehab's recent listening playlist, March 2019

Has your life become a gauzy tumble, all joyless forward motion without meaningful progress or defined destination?

Do you watch in mute horror as the social media posts of friends increasingly resemble their very own poorly directed film, so woefully cast and pressed flat under unfriendly filters that you barely recognise them?

Have your parents become racists that you can’t stop being in love with. The kind that jump out of their skins when the newspaper hits the doormat, and again when the front page tells them that immigrants are living in their central heating and eating all their British cheese?

Does it feel like you’re slumped at the top of an angrily burning pyre, constructed solely of every beautiful fucking thing humanity has ever created?

Don’t worry………we’ve made you a party, it’s filled with musicians who feel exactly the same as you. Some furious, some serious………miserable, hopeful, lonely, joyful, desperate and some that are just super high on powerful, powerful drugs!!

Wedge a chair against your door and click on the link, stay as long as you need to.

Same as last month, check back on the regular as this is a drip feed and when the clock strikes twelve on the last day of the month it all begins anew. The old tracks are getting dumped into a playlist called ‘the bucket’ so you can re-visit the stuff that slipped out of our top forty at your leisure