See no evil, hear no evil, talking no bullshit
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See no evil, hear no evil, talking no bullshit

Pop Collaborate and Listen is one of our favourite music podcasts. Two friends who spent the 90s eschewing pop music in favour of the weird, spend time talking about the music that was in the middle of the road while they were off the beaten track. Each episode covers an album that got to number one in the UK charts finding some gems they may have missed and some terrible stuff they were right to avoid at the time. Having made their way through 90-91, they’re currently covering the albums of 1992.

However being big music nerds, every so often they’ll cover an album that meant something to them at the time even though it didn’t bother the charts. On their latest episode they talk about one of their favourite albums of all time - Beastie Boys’s ambitious, and musically varied third album, Check Your Head.

We at Beat Rehab regularly worship at the altar of Check Your Head, so Si was honoured to join them as they waxed lyrical and effused musical about this most wonderful of long players.

Listen here

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