Future Proof PLaylist #1
Beat Rehab

Future Proof PLaylist #1

When we came up with the idea of an apocalyptic club night where people could dance while the seas rose, we didn’t reckon on our plans being scuppered by disease. To be betrayed by one of the four horsemen who were sponsoring our night was such a nice twist, we were impressed.

Well, the good news is that even after we’re all vaxxed and out again in crowded spaces making japes and throwing shapes, we’re all still going to die in environmental disasters. Which is sad if you’re concerned for the wellbeing of future generations. Less so, if you’re after a good night out.

Future Proof is a place to lose yourself in pop, a place where everyone is dressed like characters from Mad Max. Not because our sartorial choices have been dictated by a shortage of resources but because the remaining population contains a disproportionate amount of film-cultured fashion students.

Whether you’re in a club in 2056 taking whatever drugs remain available to us, or you’re drinking Pinot during the Covid lockdown, forget what’s outside the walls, and enjoy this set of songs that builds up to an ass-shaking climax.

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