Therapy Sessions Vol 2
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Therapy Sessions Vol 2

Every two weeks we release a playlist from a guest curator. The rules are that is must be designed to listen to in order and for the listener to use Spotify’s primitive crossfader.

Liam is an intensely entertaining fellow. Documentary maker, barbed podcast bitch, academic, musician, remixer and DJ. I asked him for some phrases to go with this mix but frankly it’s very very difficult to use “nazi gold”, “new jack swing one hit wonder” and “Madchester royalty” to describe this wonderful set. What we actually have is something between a dancefloor of exquisitely dressed arseholes and lying on a sun lounger at dusk while contemplating a life well lived but tinged with regret. Regret that may involve nazi gold. Anyway, to hell with this over indulgent article, enjoy this wonderful mix and check out the truly brilliant Dancing about Architecture podcast at

Curator: liam thomas maloney
Crossfade setting: 8 seconds
Sounds: Nu-disco, post disco, disco disco

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About Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions are playlists made by us (and guests) that are designed to be listened to in sequence using Spotify’s crossfader to create a seamless experience. Each Therapy Session states how many seconds the crossfader should be ideally set to. We welcome guest submissions, so please get in touch via our facebook page.

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