Therapy Sessions Vol 3, Techno
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Therapy Sessions Vol 3, Techno

For this week’s Therapy Session, we’re going to have to insist you get off our couch. We don’t want to hear about your problems, and your childhood trauma is of little interest. This week, we insist you dance. Tonight the sweaty half naked gyrating idiot is you. This week’s guest curator is the terribly named One Day Travelcard Wanker. Their set of techno is something a bit special and, sportingly, they’ve embraced our awful limitation of using the Spotify crossfader to great effect. It starts off slowly so you can find your spot on the floor before the hard stuff kicks in, with regular gentle bits so you can catch your breath, close your eyes or have a slash. Please listen, it’s massive.

Curator: One Day Travelcard Wanker
Crossfade setting: 6 seconds
Sounds: Techno, Acid

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About Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions are playlists made by us (and guests) that are designed to be listened to in sequence using Spotify’s crossfader to create a seamless experience. Each Therapy Session states how many seconds the crossfader should be ideally set to. We welcome guest submissions, so please get in touch via our facebook page.

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