Therapy Session Vol 6, Eclectic Summer Party
Beat Rehab

Therapy Session Vol 6, Eclectic Summer Party

The sun is out and Beat Rehab are preparing for a summer of dancing in fields with a paper cup of flat lager sloshing over the brim. This Therapy Session is an eclectic party set designed to put you in the mood - the obvious sits next to the obscure, old sits next to new.

Best enjoyed in a car with friends. If you don’t have a car, steal one with a bluetooth connection and decent speakers. If you don’t have friends, then simply kidnap people and tie them to your car seats. You’ll even be able to tear the electrical tape from their mouths and have a sing a long to Walk Like an Egyptian. Don’t worry about their screams for help, just allow this playlist to work its Sweet Sunny Stockholm Syndrome magic.

Curator: Si Badvibes
Crossfader set to: 6 seconds
Genre: Funk, Soul, Punk Funk, Pop, Breaks

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About Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions are playlists made by us (and guests) that are designed to be listened to in sequence using Spotify’s crossfader to create a seamless experience. Each Therapy Session states how many seconds the crossfader should be ideally set to. We welcome guest submissions, so please get in touch via our facebook page.

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