Therapy Sessions Vol 7, Yacht rock / 80s pop rock / America FM
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Therapy Sessions Vol 7, Yacht rock / 80s pop rock / America FM

This Therapy Session is the debut from Mint Condition and is not so much a playlist as the greatest musical ever made. It follows the story of Scott Wrangler. It is the mid 1980s, Scott is 38 years old, with a paunch and a tightly pulled back ponytail that does little to hide his bald spot and everything to announce his value to local cocaine dealers. Scott lives in LA and is a movie star agent firmly on the descendent, grappling with a changing world, and an increasing feeling of rapidly approaching irrelevance.

Our story starts with him picking up midwest beauty, 23 year old aspiring actress Casey, at a Hollywood party and going back to hers. The next morning, as he wakes up and looks across at her, bleary eyed, he realises that for the first time since he was a teenager flush with hormones and fear, something has stirred in Scott’s cynical heart. Could it be? Yes! Love. Scott’s life could be about to change!

Alas, Casey isn’t interested and shyly tells Scott twas a one night thing. She desires either his love nor his power… it was just sex.

To tell the truth we haven’t thought the rest through in any detail but after a brief bit of soul searching, he runs out, fires up his sports car, hits the palm lined highway and listens to the radio. Everything is great and he’s learned nothing. But what a drive and what tunes. Oh and there’s a sad one at the end.

Curator: Mint Condition
Crossfader set to: 7 seconds
Genres: Yacht rock, Pop rock, 80s, America FM

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About Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions are playlists made by us (and guests) that are designed to be listened to in sequence using Spotify’s crossfader to create a seamless experience. Each Therapy Session states how many seconds the crossfader should be ideally set to. We welcome guest submissions, so please get in touch via our facebook page.

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