Penguin Cafe - The Imperfect Sea
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Penguin Cafe - The Imperfect Sea

When I was 7(?) I had a school friend called Oliver who lived up the road. I’d visit Oliver all the time. Oliver had a matchbox windback Knight Rider car. It was brilliant. But Oliver didn’t just have one. He had two. A nice shiny one and a more battered one. In one of my rare forays into criminality I stole one of them.

It was the perfect crime and, to my essentially selfish child mind, morally defensible. Next time I went over Oliver’s mum made it clear to me she knew what I’d done in no uncertain terms.

I never went to Oliver’s house again. A friendship ruined by temptation and jealousy. A biblical fable in Cobham.

Penguin Cafe is a continuation of Simon Jeffes’s Penguin Cafe Orchestra by son Arthur and it’s true to the spirit and quality of his dad’s work. This morning I ventured to the wiki page and was pleased to see that the Penguin personnel includes ex-Suede Neil Codling, ex-Senseless Thing Cass and most surprised to find out the violinist is ex-owner of surplus Knight Rider toy, Oliver Langford.

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