Kesha - Rainbow
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Kesha - Rainbow

Lyrically, much like Taylor Swift’s Reputation, Kesha’s Rainbow is an affirmation of self-worth. It’s an artist telling herself she’s worth a damn. The difference is that Swift achieves this through ruthlessness in her dealings with others and proudly not giving a shit what people think. The problem with ruthless people that don’t care about what others think is that they’re dicks who fuck over the wrong people along with right people. Kesha, however, has identified the people who were bad for her self esteem (and so will you with 5 minutes spare time and google) but that the quickest road to recovery is looking inwards. It’s been a shitty few years for her and Rainbow is the sound of someone having fun again. Its positivity is qualified by an acceptance of struggle.

Musically it’s a mix of glam stomping (with help from Eagles of Death Metal), and country-pop but with a self-awareness that gives her the strength to express her feelings and makes it palatable for listeners who would otherwise be turned off by lyrical earnestness. The lasting impression is that she’s good company on a night out or in and swears more than 80s Eddie Murphy. Kesha is your friend.

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