Introducing the Temporary Fandoms Podcast
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Introducing the Temporary Fandoms Podcast

Every so often you find something online that throws you back 20 years to a time when the internet seemed to bring out the best in humanity. Where open discussion thrived and communities were formed between people who may never have found each other. About three years ago we found Temporary Fandoms. Temporary Fandoms is a Facebook group where a bunch of people listen to an artist’s whole discography, an album a day. Some comment and discuss each album, more still just listen to the albums and quietly enjoy the debate. It’s not designed for fans of the artist although there’s usually a few of them, including the curator - most members become ‘temporary fans’ for the duration of the ‘immersion’.

It’s a friendly, welcoming and open minded group with no drama, no tantrums and no unpleasantness. It’s a bit special and we would recommend you join. Although now, you don’t even have to join to enjoy the group’s insights as the TF ladies and gents have started a wonderful little podcast. One which we’re honoured to be hosting at Beat Rehab,

In order to recreate the immersion experience, they’re doing things a little differently. Creating playlists of the artist’s discography on Spotify, with vocal introductions between the albums they’ve come up with an ingenious way to check out those artists you’ve always been curious about. The curators will have different approaches. Some may wish to focus on the cultural context of the records, some may delve into an artist’s mind, while others attempt to get across their enthusiasm and focus on their personal journey with an artist.

Whatever, it’s gonna be interesting and even if a fraction of the group’s appeal comes across, then the endeavour will have been completely worthwhile.

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