Skate Legend, Jake Phelps dies at 56
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Skate Legend, Jake Phelps dies at 56

Jake Phelps, skateboarder and editor of Thrasher magazine passed away on Thursday, leaving behind no wife or children, but the world’s skateboarding community.

Possibly the greatest advocate for the sport, Phelps’ enthusiasm for skateboarding ran at a 1000 miles per hour, just like the way he talked. He could be relied on to be sounding off about all the legendary moments in skateboarding. You’d know the spot, you’d know the skater, but he knew the trick and how many tries - usually because he was there. And so was Thrasher - pushing skateboarding forward, daring it to be bigger, higher, larger and more creative

Phelps and his huge personality ultimately brought Thrasher to the global brand it is today without compromising its integrity.

People from the skateboarding world have lined up to pay homage to a man who lived and breathed skateboarding for 40 years. Former pro skater and founder of skate shoe and apparel company Sole Technology, Pierre-André Senizergues stated

“Jake not only loved skateboarding, but he also shared it with everyone. He did not ask for anything except the most important thing, be the best skater you can be for our skate culture.”

In addition to a passion for hill bombing, he also loved his music and regularly played gigs with is band Bad Shit. Back in 2014, Thrasher published a playlist of some of his favourites, which we’ve recreated below.

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