Rest Easy Ty
Beat Rehab

Rest Easy Ty

On 7 May, British rapper Ty died from pneumonia brought on by Covid-19. We reached out to James Preece to make a make a playlist, and to mutual friend of Beat Rehab and Ty, songwriter, podcaster and beatboxer Killa Kela for some words:

Dirty Goodz released a track a few days ago called “Real Ones”. What’s significant about this track, is that Doogz is a mixed genre MC and not entirely/exclusively Hip Hop. This track shows a connective DNA that Ty had as an artist, and in the British scene of black music and black culture.

Ty embodied an extremely creative path - connecting and collaborating wherever he went. He knew people, people knew him; he was a figurehead in the genre of rap harking back as far the early 90’s. He represented Street Culture, hip hop disciplines and the musical values that hip hop practiced. It only becomes clear now how important the brand and vision for his music was. To not have his legacy refreshed and replenished is going to feel very strange, especially for me and thousands of others who were not only friends and acquaintances, we also family in a hip hop culture.

You’d always always see Ty at the right events; if he came to one of my events, I always knew my musical compass was pointing the right way.

It’s crazy to think I won’t be seeing you at Chip Shop anymore, or having deeper conversations about music. Your soul will be missed.

You’ll be forever heralded as The Real One. Rest in peace also to Ebow of Foreign Beggars & Black The Ripper. UK Hip Hop’s taken a few heavy blows recently, let’s hope this doesn’t continue.

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